The Very Best

Enock plc., is a family owned business that specializes in the export of high quality Ethiopian coffee owned by Garad Holdings. As part of the distinguished platform created by Garad Holdings, Enock has acquired over 30 years of knowledge, expertise and relationships. The parent company has paved strong financial and business relations for Enock, leading the company to supply coffee worldwide.

Enock aspires to become the maverick of coffee for people wanting to achieve the optimal coffee drinking experience. The type of experience that will make coffee drinkers envision the farmers who had hand-picked the finest beans to achieve the precise aroma, body and taste. Enock exports green coffee beans produced from various Ethiopian highlands to allow consumers all over the word indulge in the unique taste. The company seeks to make continuous improvements within the value supply chain to meet higher demands of the future and ensuring strong relationships with consumers globally.

Enock Coffee


  • Committed towards customer satisfaction and to become a pioneer in the coffee industry


  • To enhance the quality, sustainability and viability of ethiopian coffee in the world market and improve the well-being of ethiopian coffee farmers.

Our Values Shape our Approach

Passion | Knowledge | A trust worthy Relationship

Our clients deserve the very best, it’s their desire that deepens our passion. The secrete for providing that very best and quality coffee rests on; the hands of the people involved, deep knowledge and understanding of what we do, the trust worthy relationship that supports it and the passion we have for our people and coffee. We give our clients nothing but the very best.

John Doe- Founder